CRMs manage contacts, track sales, record activities, send emails, make calls, and dozens of other functions. Some go above and beyond and include features that let you manage projects, automate processes, build reports, or market your business.

No matter your requirements, there’s a platform that will fit your needs. Cost is usually a major consideration for small businesses, so we only evaluated CRMs that have plans that cost less than $60 per month per user.

Ease of use was also considered. Small businesses owners shouldn’t need a specialist to manage their CRM software. It should be approachable for everyone using it—salespeople, marketing, the office manager, and on up to the CEO. And it shouldn’t require outside help for set up and ongoing management.

Top 5 Best Saas CRM for small business

  1. Vtiger for an all-in-one CRM
  2. Zoho CRM for scaling your business
  3. Freshworks CRM for ease of use
  4. HubSpot CRM for a free option
  5. Insightly for project management

Benefits of Using CRM Software

Organize your contacts

Contact management helps you centralize information on customers, suppliers, and everyone else. CRMs allow you to aggregate multichannel contact information, from social media, emails, LinkedIn, business cards, and more.

Find out who your customers are

Harness customer data to do customer segmentation, identify customer profiles, find out where they live, and which demographic provides the greatest opportunities. Plus, personalize your customer experience.

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Generate reports

With marketing, campaign, sales, and customer reporting, you can monitor information, identify problems, show behavioral patterns, and find out how your overall return on investment is really doing. A sales crm can create reports on sales activity and sales trends let you monitor all the information coming in, identify problems, and improve your sales processes.

Save time

CRM chops down the number of hours spent weekly on pesky admin tasks like manual data entry, letting you concentrate on relationship-building and fine-tuning your operations.

Make more money

Being able to closely track sales activities, manage sales teams, and improve customer support to reduce churn will allow you to sell more and increase your bottom line. It’s a fact.


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