Nest Aware is Google’s smart home subscription service that is providing benefits to cameras doorbells, speakers, and much more. How do you create your nest Aware account? Where is the feature available within the mobile apps and do you have to download a specific app to start?

The answers aren’t as rare as one might think or contemplated at any time. In the end, both Google Home and Nest app offer a variety of menus and submenus that users need to navigate to reach any of the options. Also, Nest Aware, while not as well-known but it’s still in the mix.

That’s exactly the purpose of this guide to do. If you’re in search of an step-by-step guide to setup Nest Aware, the following tutorial will guide you on the right track. If you’re looking for guide on how to uninstall Nest Aware and then cancel it, this another guide will be helpful.

The configuration for each Nest camera or any other smart home products will be different. However, the configuration to set up your Nest Aware subscription will not. This will be the same no matter which software you’re using. While the process of setting it up, possible from any device, is the easiest on your phone. This is the way we’ll discuss in this article. It’s not exactly the same as and can be done on a PC using the application or Nest website.

The procedure to access the feature can be different depending on the application you’re using. Therefore, we’ve broken this article into two parts – an one that applies to Google Home (for newer, battery-powered nest devices) as well as one for older devices. Whatever method you’re using, it’s always a important to remember that you’ll need the same account used by both applications.

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How to get Nest Aware in the Google Home app

It’s true that no matter the app you’re using to sign-up, signing up with Nest Aware is straightforward. But it’s not always the easiest procedure to follow. Particularly if it’s your first experience with an intelligent home or getting to know how to work with your smart home in a more comprehensive way as the process of getting Nest Aware set up in both apps is difficult to find in the menus that are more in depth.

1. Start by opening Google Home. Google Home application. If you’re not registered, you’ll need to complete the procedure. By following the instructions provided by Google to set up your account. The first place to look to find Nest Aware is among the “chips” at the top of the page. They are highlighted in pictures below. However, in the simplest terms, “chips” are Google’s logo for the oval-shaped choices.

Be aware that you can scroll in a horizontal direction through the chips in case you aren’t able to find an option to select the Nest Aware option available on the first page. However, if it doesn’t come up, you’ll have to choose “Settings” instead.

2. Then you’ll need to scroll down until you reach then the “Features” sub-header.

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3. In the section called “Features,” you should look for an option that says “Nest Aware.”

4. Choose “Nest Aware” and Google Home will give you a brief information about what the subscription does and is.

Additionally, you’ll be offered the option of signing up to the “30-day trial.”

If you don’t see the 30 day trial, it’s possible that you previously used one or it might not be available anymore. If this is the case you can click the button to launch Nest Aware. Google Home will walk you through the rest of the steps step-by-step. It will also provide brief explanations of the various subscription options.

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