Cybercriminals abound around us with the rapid proliferation of technology and smart devices. The internet is the new frontier and many of these bad guys are using techniques to deprive people of their valuables such as money and information.

Due to these risks, it is important to be cybersecurity conscious so you don’t fall victim to their methods. Below are a few of the methods they employ.

Social engineering – set up

Social engineering refers to the use of psychological manipulations to get people to perform actions or give out information and sensitive data. It used to be the case that cybercriminals attacked using brute force, viruses and malwares. But these days, people have become aware of their methods so they have evolved and can get you to give them access to your system or information by tricking you.

For example, on social media, people lose access to their accounts through social engineering when they hand out reset codes to people pretending to need their help to secure their accounts.

A person among your friends will reach out to you  claiming they need to verify their account and would need your mobile number to help them do that. Next they will reset your account and have a code sent to your phone. If you send the code to them, that will be end. So you have to be very careful.

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